about me

hello and welcome to my neocities! i'm lawrence or gordon and you can refer to me using he/byte pronouns. i'm a 15y/o gay trans man who is passionate about web design and coding. i'm still learning html but i'd say i'm pretty fluent in css (if you can even say such a thing). follow me on neocities here

i'm a pollo-vegetarian and consider myself a pretty spiritual person!
i struggle with my identity as well as perfection issues so... bare with me if i make a lot of updates to the site. hope you like it so far!


i'm currently hyperfixated on the sims 4, but i'm not sure if i have a special interest as of right now. i still have a ton of interests though!

i'm very into goodtimeswithscar, smallishbeans, grian, lilsimsie, and a bunch of other youtubers. my favourite actors list is very extensive but my main favs are jake gyllenhaal, keanu reeves, natalie portman, morgan freeman, brad pitt (fuck him though), johnny depp (fuck him too), and mamoudou athie.

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